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Face and Body Care Products.

Tommasi Viticoltori precious wines will treasure your beauty secrets.
Enjoy our new Cosmetic Collection dedicated to top Veronese wines, Valpolicella and Amarone.

What makes wine therapy special is polyphenol (Resveratrol), a chemical substancefound in wine grapes, i.e. in the indigenous wines of Valpolicella. Resveratrol is a molecule that slows down skin ageing process; it is antioxidant, lenitive, vasodilating and stress-fighting, it stimulates cellular prolificy and collagen synthesis.

Valpolicella Deep Facial Cleansing will deeply cleanse your skin to guarantee excellent results, a perfect combination of aroma synergy and healing properties of Valpolicella Cosmetic Products.

€ 38,00
25 min Facial Treatment

Anti-ageing, lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment is designed for revitalisation, anti-age prevention and skin complexion enhancement, it will leave your skin feeling silky soft and regenerated.

€ 85,00
75 min ca. Facial Treatment

Valpolicella Hydro-Lenitive Body Peeling will regenerate hydrolipidic skin barrier giving a pleasant feeling of softness and vitamin intake.

€ 38,00
25 min Body Treatment

Valpolicella Just For You Grape seed peeling and Valpolicella Total Body Massage, a perfect anti-stress treatment to relieve stress and fatigue and relax the body.

€ 60,00
50 min Body Treatment

Valpolicella Light Legs will help you get rid of excess liquid and improve
circulation. Delicate scrub, Valpolicella based flebotonic mud wraps
and refrigerant liquid.

€ 60,00
50 min Body Treatment

Revitalising potential of Valpolicella grapes in combination with thermo-chromotherapy and comfortable waterbeds will leave you feeling re-energised.

€ 70,00
50 min Treatment

Excellent firming and toning benefits. Performed in the Temple of Shirò, this synergetic and purifying sequence of a peeling treatment and a seed oil bath is reinforced by an Amarone pack treatment, thermo-chromotherapy and a revitalising body massage on the water cushion bed.

€ 110,00
90 min Treatment

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Terme della Valpolicella offre ai suoi clienti una vasta gamma di trattamenti mirati al recupero di una perfetta forma psico-fisica. Il nostro personale specializzato, sempre a disposizione per interpretare le tue esigenze, saprà consigliarti il programma più adatto.


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