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Meeting at Table

For a classy, dynamic and personalised break

The classy seventeenth-century charm of the Restaurant Borgo Antico is the right complement for business dinners, lunches and breakfasts. Its organisational flexibility allows planning events with various configurations, for instance as standing buffets or sit down buffet. Chefs reinterpret the local cooking tradition thus creating traditional yet modern menus, of which the content and design can be customised according to the requirements of your company. All this, thanks to a professional and experienced staff. Choose your solution below.

Flexible setup

Standing cocktail and buffet

Buffet event
Arranged either inside or outside the restaurant, it creates an informal atmosphere. The finger food accurately prepared by our cookery experts plays the main role.

Sit-down buffet

Sit-down buffet
Arranged inside the restaurant, it creates an informal atmosphere, yet allows enjoying the lunch or dinner while sitting.

Served lunch or dinner

Served lunch or dinner

The ideal solutions to take a comfortable and refined break, while keeping pace with the working day times.
They allow savouring the courses while sitting comfortably in the Villa frescoed halls.

Event with à la carte menu

Event with à la carte menu
Ideal for companies that would like to allow their guests to choose wines and courses.
Drawing up a Company Agreement allows for a convenient 10% saving.

At Ristorante Borgo Antico, a prestigious venue

Gala dinner

A historical building, a noble environment, adorned for the occasion.
Ambiance music, dedicated menus and high-class tableclothing.
At the Borgo Antico of Villa Quaranta, gala dinners are always exclusive. Moreover, stand-up comedies, musical accompaniment and entertainments are available on request.

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