We take great care of our guests

Welcoming guests in total safety has always been a priority for the Tommasi family.Specific cleaning, hygiene and sanitizing measures have always been adopted in all areas of Villa Quaranta. To protect our guests against COVID-19 we have therefore decided to strengthen and implement Safety protocols.

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Villa Quaranta Tommasi Winw Hotel & SPA is open in full compliance with the latest Government and regional regulations, for MORE INFO

General safety rules

• The use of face masks is required in all common areas for all employees and all guests from the age of 6. For children up to 5 years of age, however, it is highly recommended.
• Single-dose sanitising gel sachets and hand sanitizers are provided by the hotel.
• In both indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel we request that the one-metre physical distancing is observed, except for members of the same family.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all areas of the hotel, e.g. at all external entrances, access to common areas, etc.
• Lifts can only be used individually or with family members and only after having disinfected hands.
• Professional, antibacterial and antiviral cleaning products are used for cleaning.

Further information is available in the brochure at Reception or is provided by writing to michela@villaquaranta.com

Common areas

• All common areas are daily aired and sanitized
• Daily disinfection with hydrogen peroxide
• Daily disinfection of all critical contact points (lift buttons, handrails etc.)

Cleaning and disinfection of the rooms

• All rooms are carefully cleaned and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide before the arrival of guests.
• The daily room cleaning service respects current hygiene protocols
• All the hotel bed and bath linen are accurately washed and disinfected by a professional external laundry according to certified procedures.
• Housekeepers always use face mask, gloves and safety goggles


• Receipt, storage and handling of all foodstuffs and preparation of all dishes comply with the latest HACCP application guidelines
• A minimum distance of 1 metre between tables is guaranteed in our restaurant.
• Drinking at the restaurant’s bar is permitted with a minimum distance of 1 metre.
• Buffet breakfast is served according to current regulations in the Veneto region.
• All table linen is accurately washed and disinfected by a professional external laundry according to certified procedures.
• Guests can browse sanitizable plastic menus or QR code digital menu and wine list.
• Restaurant staff wear face masks.

Terme della Valpolicella (Spa & Pools Area)

• Our swimming pools filtration systems uses the power of UV filters to destroy germs and bacteria in the water.
• The minimum distancing of sunbeds is guaranteed in both indoor and outdoor sunbathing areas, except for sunbeds designed for occupation within one’s own household.
• At the poolside showers guests can find liquid soap dispensers for body wash, which is required before entering the water.
• Hand disinfection is required by all guests and staff at the ‘Beauty Centre’ area before each treatment.
• Careful disinfection of gym equipment at the end of each use by clients.
• All staff working at the ‘Beauty Centre’ area wear PPE (face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disposable lab coats and safety goggles where required)