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Conference Rooms in the Hotel and at Terme della Valpolicella

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The 3 conference rooms, located on the ground floor, are easy to reach and host up to 90 people. thanks to their limited size, the two rooms in the hotel are particularly suitable for restricted meetings of small groups of people. At the Terme della Valpolicella, a larger room is available, with view on the spa pools and the green area. All rooms are equipped for meetings and videoconferences with wireless connection and telephone lines, while seats can be arranged according to various configurations. In addition to this, Villa Quaranta staff ensures constant support both during events and also in pre- and post-event organisational steps. Choose your solutions below.

Sala Alessandro Sala Ligozzi Sala Club House

Conference room 50 sq.m.


Dimensions: 11 x 5,7 metres
Total area: 50 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,90 metres
Location: Park Hotel ground floor


U-shaped: 14 people
Boardroom: 16 people
Classroom: 25 people
Theatre: 30 people

Conference room 24 sq.m.


Dimensions: 5 x 4,6 metres
Total area: 24 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,90 metres
Location: Park Hotel ground floor


U-shaped: 8 people
Boardroom: 10 people
Theatre: 10 people

Conference room 77 sq.m.


Dimensions: 10 x 7,7 metres
Total area: 77 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 3 metres
Location: Terme della Valpolicella with view onto the park


U-shaped: 27 people
Boardroom: 32 people
Classroom: 40 people
Theatre: 50 people


In addition to the standard equipment of all rooms, the Sala Club House is also provided with:
  • Five-pole sockets
  • Three-phase sockets
  • Outdoor expo area
  • Modular platform (200x140xh31 cm modules)
  • Podium with lectern

The conference rooms in the Hotel have different features, but are all provided with:

See potential additional features in the technical specifications of each room


  • Wi-Fi (AC) for free
  • FTTH fiber optic at 100 Mbps guaranteed with GMB
  • direct telephone lines
  • Armchairs (with flap or leather)
  • Smart TV FULL HD 65 'with mobile support
  • Screen


  • Hostess service
  • Flower arrangement
  • Pre- and post-event support
  • Wardrobe service
  • Outdoor car park
  • Indoor car park

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