Massaggio Pindasweda

per una perfetta purificazione di viso e corpo

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Hot Stone Massage

For a perfect Facial and Body cleansing

The Hot Stone will help warm up tight muscles, improve articulations movement, ease away vertebral column tensions, relieve congestion of lymphatic deposits and help arterial blood circulation, detoxifying your body and favouring metabolism.
It has also benefits on spirit wellness and aesthetic effects, smoothing and relaxing your skin.


With Garda Olive Oil or with Grape Seed Oil

The warmth of hot stones and gentle hand movements will ease away subcutaneous tensions, facilitate skin detoxification and smooth out expression lines and wrinkles to guarantee the immediate effect of facial beauty.

€ 35,00
25 mins Facial Treatment

With Garda Olive Oil or with Grape Seed Oil

Massage techniques applied in ancient oriental medicine, where the warmth of hot lava stones and the hands of a professional therapist will relieve tension, improve body circulation and balance the energy between your body and mind.

€ 70,00
50 mins Body Treatment

With Garda Olive Oil or with Grape Seed Oil

A Wellness Ritual for Couple where the warmth of hot stones will facilitate the contact of the skin with active ingredients found in oil. Choose between Garda Olive Oil or Grape Seed Oil. Final pamper session.

€ 130,00
50 mins Body Treatment

Prenota subito una seduta al Centro Estetico

Terme della Valpolicella offre ai suoi clienti una vasta gamma di trattamenti mirati al recupero di una perfetta forma psico-fisica. Il nostro personale specializzato, sempre a disposizione per interpretare le tue esigenze, saprà consigliarti il programma più adatto.


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