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Throughout the year, Villa Quaranta puts at your disposal various holiday packages, offers and discounts at convenient prices. Find out all the offers and benefits currently availabe in our facilities.

Stay packages

Stop Stress

2 nights starting from € 275 per person
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17 September 2019

Take a Break. Relax and Taste

1 night starting from € 140 per person
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29 March 2018

Me and You in Suite

1 night from € 195 per person
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29 March 2018

Follies of Amarone

1 night starting from € 250 per person
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29 March 2018

Wellness promotions

Taste and Flavours packages

Villa Quaranta Global Winner for the Best of Wine Tourism International Award 2020

Great Wine Capitals: Villa Quaranta Tommas
08 November 2019

Il Borgo Antico premiato da Wine Spectator per il 5° anno consecutivo

Il Borgo Antico tra i premiati 2018 del pr
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03 July 2018