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Valpolicella, soft and perfumed, on your skin.

Being at one with yourself to take on your life with energy and enthusiasm. Travelling with your emotions between colours and fragrances to regain calm. A gentle touch to tone up your skin. Beauty technology and local oils and wines that happily come together. The Beauty Centre is all this: you can try a number of sensory journeys to make your skin more beautiful and perfumed, stronger and purer. Ranging from chromotherapy to tanning booths and to the anti-ageing properties of the wines of Valpolicella, come and discover all the possibilities.

Wide range of personalised treatments

Wine therapy Cosmetics

Wine therapy

Fine, aromatic, healthy. The classical wines of Valpolicella are rich in Resveratrol, an antioxidant molecule that has anti-ageing, lenitive, stress-fighting and vasoprotective properties and favours cell proliferation and collagen synthesis.
This is the secret of “Tommasi Viticoltori” wines. Thanks to these properties, Valpolicella and Amarone wines originate a special Cosmetic and Dermatological collection in which scents and health blend together.

The Amarone

The wine par excellence of Valpolicella, our land.
A full-bodied velvety wine, with deep, ruby red reflections, intense and warm aromatic notes with predominant flavours of spices, well-balanced and very complex due to the traditional wine making method called "appassimento" (desiccation or drying of grapes) and the ageing process in barriques made from either French or Slovenian oak.
It is rich in Resveratrol, which has a revitalising and anti-ageing effect on skin.

The Valpolicella

It is characterised by a deep red colour with bright reflections and fresh aromas of fruit and cherries. Its laboratory tests have shown most encouraging biological results, it has significant antioxidant, detoxifying and moisturising properties, and it protects the skin from aggressive external agents.

Personalised Face Care

Face Care

All the Beauty Centre treatments for a relaxed, toned and bright face skin. Treatment sessions can be personalised.


  • Olive oil therapy
  • Pindasweda
  • Wine therapy
  • Phytomelatonin
  • Hot Stone
  • Specific face treatments
  • Diego dalla Palma

Personalised Body Care

Body Care

The Beauty Centre proposes a number of specific detoxifying and anti-ageing body treatments. These can also be personalised.


  • Olive oil therapy
  • Pindasweda
  • Wine therapy
  • Phytomelatonin
  • Hot Stone
  • Specific Body Treatments
  • Nature on body
  • AquaSPA
  • Diego dalla Palma
  • Massages and much more

Treatments for Couple

Body and Face Care

Relaxing and revitalising treatments specific for couples.


  • Couple Massage
  • Valpolicella Di-Wine toast for Couple
  • Hot Stone Massage for Couple
  • Couple Candle Massage
  • Pindasweda Couple Massage
  • Couple Essential Oil Bath Ritual

Maternity Care

Maternity Care

For mother and baby. Treatments, massages, courses and consultation with an obstetrician at the Beauty Centre.

Treatments and courses

  • Temple of Shirò Maternity Massage
  • Baby Massage
  • Kneipp Treatment
  • Premaman Courses
  • Baby Mio Courses

Details count

Precious Details

In order for you to keep fit in every detail, the Beauty Centre offers a number of dedicated treatments, focused on specific body parts.


  • Manicure
  • Hand and Nail Care Treatment
  • Cosmetical and Medical Pedicure
  • Waxing
  • Solarium

Useful information


We suggest you to book your treatment in advance, in order to be able to choose the time most suitable for you.
Phone number: 045 67 67 456


We suggest you to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning time of your treatment.


In case of treatment cancellation or time change, the beauty centre must be informed 12 hours before the chosen hour. In case of non-cancellation, the total cost of the treatment will be charged.

Delay / Late arrival

The treatment will last until the end of the booked time period, so as not to hinder the next customer. The total cost of the treatment will be charged.

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Terme della Valpolicella provides its customers with a wide range of treatments aimed at regaining a perfect psycho-physical balance. Our specialised staff, always available to understand your needs, will recommend you the more convenient program.

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