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“Tommasi Viticoltori” fine wines hold a secret for your Beauty

Valpolicella and Amarone form the basis of a Cosmetic and Dermatological Collection

The secret of Wine therapy is the polyphenol Resveratrol, a molecule contained in autoctonous red grapes and therefore also in the Classical Wines of Valpolicella.

Resveratrol is the molecule that helps skin counteract the ageing process, is antioxidant, lenitive, vasoprotective and anti-stress. It stimulates cell proliferation and collagen synthesis.

The Amarone

The wine par excellence of Valpolicella, our land.
A full-bodied velvety wine, with deep, ruby red reflections, intense and warm aroma notes with predominant flavours of spices, well-balanced and very complex due to the traditional wine making method called “appassimento” (desiccation or drying of grapes) and the ageing process in barriques made fro either French or Slovenian oak.

It is rich in Resveratrol, which has a revitalising and anti-ageing effect on skin.

The Valpolicella

It is characterised by a deep red colour with bright reflections and fresh aromas of fruit and cherries.

Its laboratory tests have shown most encouraging biological results, it has significant antioxidant, detoxifying and moisturising properties, and it protects the skin from aggressive external agents.

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