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Try the detoxifying effect of water, between dim light, steam, colours.

Bubbles, steam and ice crystals create an evocative environment, where to detoxify and cleanse your body while relaxing with light effects, half-light and fragrances. Between the dim colours and the emotional showers, time fades and your body gets ready for the treatments. In order for your body to take its time and respond naturally to the detoxifying and invigorating effect of water, you can retire to the quiet relaxation area. And between these two moments, the Saunas-Thermarium of the Wellness Centre offer you the possibility to choose from among various types of treatments. Discover these opportunites here.

Emotional Showers to wake up your senses

Emotional shower

Wake up your senses with our four emotional showers: Revitalising, Warm, Cold and Summer Storm. Combinations of colours and fragrances, water and light effects will create a timeless atmosphere around you.

Your body will be ready to fully enjoy the healthy effect of the saunas-thermarium.

Turkish Steam Bath to detoxify your body

Turkish steam bath

Detoxify your body in a natural way. Thanks to the special combination of heat and humidity (42°-48°C; humidity 98%), the Turkish Steam Bath favours the removal of toxins from your body.

Turkish Mediterranean Bath for welcome relaxation

Turkish Bath

Enter the timeless world of the Sauna-Thermarium. The Turkish Mediterranean Bath (42-48°C; 65% humidity) welcomes you with its warm vapours in an atmosphere of relaxation.

Finnish Sauna for a warm, enveloping hug

Finnish sauna

A warm, detoxifying hug of steam. Let the vapours of the Sauna (80-100°C) envelop you and purify your skin through the natural effect of heat and humidity.

Cold Cave to invigorate your skin

Cold cave

Tone up your skin, naturally, by alternating the heat of the Saunas with the low temperature (down to -15°C) of the "cold cave".

Hammam Room to revitalise your skin

Hammam Room

The local stone, coming from the mountains of Lessinia, is at the basis of the Hammam ritual. This citrus savonage treatment, performed on the traditional Prun stone, revitalises your skin and prepares your body for the Thermarium.

Only on reservation

Kneipp treatment to reactivate lower limb blood circulation

Kneipp treatment

Stimulate and reactivate blood circulation in a natural and gradual manner, walking slowly in warm and cold water alternatively.

Hydromassage with effervescent beds

To relax and relieve tension, while comfortably lying in water, surrounded by a myriad of air bubble that gently caress your skin.

And finally...

Relaxation Room with waterbeds

Relaxation Room

To give your body the time to respond naturally to treatments and get the most benefit from them: a relaxation area with elegant waterbeds to stop the flow of time.

Tea corner to moisturize your body and relax your mind

Tea corner

The special place designed to complete the revitalising treatment of the Saunas-Thermarium, by rehydrating your body and pampering your taste with peace of mind.

Useful information

  • Access to the Sauna – Thermarium area is allowed starting from the age of 14 years old; children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Each customer must know its specificities (high temperature, air humidity, atc.) and its effects on the body.
  • In order to use the Finnish Sauna, it is necessary to undress, go in barefoot and employ a towel sufficiently large.
  • In commom areas it is mandatory to cover oneself with a bathrobe/towel.
  • Quiet and proper behaviour are required.
  • The facility closes half an hour after the specified closing time.
  • The management reserves the right to modify the current timetables
  • Potential changes and notices will be displayed at the desk of Terme
  • On holidays and during bank holiday long weekends, the Management reserves the right to restrict the access to the facilities in order to guarantee a better stay to its guests, it is advisable to check availability by calling 045 6767456
  • Regulations of Terme della Valpolicella

Drops of water, enriched by fragrances, sound and light effects, warm steam clouds that envelope you. Water, on which you can lie down to fully relax and stop the flow of time.