Discover Villa Quaranta Park Hotel

Spa Pools

The local sources of well-being.

To swim and let yourself be pampered by thermal waters. To forget stress and let the spurts of water gently caress you. To be surprised by thousands of little bubbles, immersed in fascinating architecture and light colours. To attend some aquafitness or swimming courses . Just to relax in soft waves. Or to swim in the open air, immersed in greenery. In any case, to get a new lease of life in water, the source of life. Discover right now the 1000 square metres of swimming pools of Terme della Valpolicella.

Between evocative architecture and the centuries-old park. Pamper yourself in healthy water.


Grande quadrifoglio with whirlpool treatments

Grande quadrifoglio with whirlpool treatments

Six types of whirlpool, located along muscle bundles and vein paths of specific parts of your body, have a relaxing and anti-stress effect focused on feet, legs, nape and shoulders.

In addition to the seats and multiple jets of water, the Grande Quadrifoglio also hosts a fan fountain.

Water depth: 1.20 m

Indoor swimming pool

Swimming pool

Technical swimming pool, 25 metres long and 9 metres wide, dedicated to free-swimming for adults and young people.

Also swimming courses and master's degrees are held, in addition to aquafitness and group activities.

Water depth: 1.40 m

Swimming pool for children

Children's pool

The children's pool is a spa pool dedicated to the little ones.

Baby swimming classes and infant water acclimation classes are also organised.

Water depth: 0.80 m

Bathtub with effervescent beds and chromotherapy

Effervescent beds

To let air bubbles gently caress you and to have your tension relieved, while lying comfortably down in warm thermal water, surrounded by dim colours that go along with your emotions.

Water depth: 1.20 m

Bathtub with whirlpool seats and chromotherapy

Whirlpool seats

To relax your muscles and encourage blood circulation with hydromassage, sitting comfortably in thermal water, while emotions are reflected in the light colours that surround you.

Water depth: 1.20 m

Relax room with teck chaiselongues

Relax room

To let your body respond naturally to the healthy effect of water and let it take its time to benefit from it. And to to take time for yourself.

Outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas

Outdoor pool

To swim in the open air and let the green centuries-old park surprise you. To benefit from the healthy effect of water and let the sun gently touch you.

Equipped with: sunbeds and umbrellas.

Water is an element of life, of health for body and mind. Absolute well-being.