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Lake Garda

Easy to reach from Villa Quaranta

Located in the westernmost part of Veneto and shared with Lombardy and Trentino, Lake Garda is the perfect place for many different types of sport, as well as for culture tourism. And it is easy to reach from Villa Quaranta.

A tourist destination near at hand

A tourist destination near at hand

Lake Garda is the largest lake in the Italian peninsula. It is located just 10 km from Villa Quaranta, bounded by Veneto, Trentino and Lombardia and enjoys a mild climate that attracts many tourists.

It is the only natural habitat of the rare fish called carpione del garda and hosts some underwater thermal springs under its surface.

Lake Garda is also interesting in various historical aspects, including prehistory and Venetic archeological sites, the Roman period, the Scaliger period and a famous naval warfare between Venice and Milan that took place also with ships transported through the mountains.

A natural gym

A natural gym

Due to its climatic and morphological features, Lake Garda is a famous tourist attraction where people can do various sports and activites.

As it is near to Villa Quaranta, sports lovers can easily reach Lake Garda to surf, kite-surf, sail, ski-surf.

The traditional "voga veneta" rowing also takes place, with standing rowers on two-oars and four-oars boats.

Due to many historical facts occurred in its area, Lake Garda is also an interesting culture touristdestination.

Lake Garda. Just 10km from Villa Quaranta.