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Tommasi. The strength of family.

A long history, respecting the land and its tradition culture


Giacomo Tommasi

At the end of the 1800s, Verona was the «great inn of the people» and at the beginning of the 1900s, the Belle Époque was spreading.
In 1902, in that sparkling world, Giacomo Tommasi decided to trust in wine: no longer just a farmer drink, but instead a convivial drink.
In the lands where he worked as a sharecropper the production of grapes transformed into wine rose significantly. The Counts Campostrini allowed him to keep all the grapes produced.
The Tommasi family's history thus begins.


Trattoria ('eating house') in Parona

In 1926, Giacomo Tommasi opened a trattoria (sort of 'eating house') in Parona: his novel idea was to trade the produce of the land.


Trattoria in the centre of Verona

In 1937, he opened another trattoria, this time in the centre of Verona.
In order to manage better the various activities, the tasks were distributed within the Tommasi family.


War years

During WW II, the production went on and the family's generations began to "pass on the torch" from one to another, thus completing the tasks distribution among the members of this family: always united, even at supper time.


The economic development

When economic development and habit changes occured in the '50s, the Tommasi family is ready to plunge into the economic boom.



During the '60s, the family purchased the land previously cultivated under sharecropping and opened the door to modernisation, foreseeing the potential of the new DOC ('Controlled Designation of Origin') law.


The new cellar

While various municipalities in Valpolicella underwent a messy urbanisation, the Tommasi family cultivated all its land as vineyard, also building a new cellar in 1970. All the winemaking processes were carried out there.
It also settled down some supply relationships with other winemakers of Valpolicella.


An international brand

The Tommasi wines were exported also to the USA and Lombardy. At the same time, the company purchased more land in Valpolicella, while trade gradually extended to Germany, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands.



The '80s were the years in which the family invested in quality.


Villa Quaranta

During the '90s, the family reverted to the sector of tourism and hospitality by purchasing Villa Quaranta - at the beginning, with four partners.
In addition to this activity, now enhanced with a wellness centre and a conference centre, the family purchased more land in the heart of Valpolicella as well as in Tuscany.


L'accoglienza di Villa Quaranta si fonda sui valori di una grande Famiglia