Wine therapy and the benefits of red Valpolicella grapes

The precious Tommasi wines  hold a secret for your Beauty: Valpolicella and Amarone have given rise to a Cosmetic and Dermatological Collection.
The secret of Wine Therapy lies in Resveratrol Resveratrolo, a powerful polyphenol antioxidant found in native red grapes and therefore in the Classic Wines of Valpolicella.

Discover our exclusive wine therapy treatments.
Face and Body are reborn thanks to the benefits of the red grapes of Valpolicella.

Deep Valpolicella Facial Cleansing
€ 40 – 25 min.

Amarone Anti-Ageing and Facial Lifting
Anti-ageing, lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment.
€ 90 – 75 min.

Divine regeneration
body peeling that will regenerate hydrolipidic skin barrier giving a pleasant feeling of softness and vitamin intake thanks to the grape seeds and Valpolicella wine.
€ 40 – 25 min.

Valpolicella Just For You
grape seed peeling and Valpolicella Total Body Massage
€ 65 – 50 min.

Valpolicella Light Legs
delicate scrub, flebotonic mud wraps and refrigerant liquid will help you to get rid of excess fluids.
€ 65 – 50 min.

Amarone Di-Wine Massage
peeling, seed oil bath, Amarone pack treatment,thermo-chromotherapy and a revitalising body massage on the water cushion bed.
€ 115 – 90 min.

Valpolicella Di-Wine
massage revitalising potential of red grapes in combination with thermo-chromotherapy and comfortable waterbeds will leave you feeling re-energised.
€ 70 – 50 min.

Enjoy our new Cosmetic Collection
dedicated to Valpolicella and Amarone wines

Resveratrol is a molecule that slows down skin ageing process; it is antioxidant, lenitive, vasodilating and stress-fighting, it stimulates cellular prolificy and collagen synthesis.

WINE -THERAPY Face Care Products

Valpolicella Wine Cleansing Milk | € 24,00 | 200 ml.
Detergent Tonic With Valpolicella Wine | € 24,00 | 200 ml.
Face Moisturising Cream With Valpolicella Wine | € 40,00 | 50 ml.
Anti-Ageing Face Cream With Amarone Wine | € 46,00 | 50 ml.
Anti-Ageing Serum With Amarone Wine | € 50,00 | 30 ml.
Eye Contour Area With Valpolicella Wine | € 48,00 | 30 ml.

WINE -THERAPY Body Care Products

Leg Emulsion With Valpolicella Wine | € 28,00 | 200 ml.
Body Moisturising Emulsion With Valpolicella Wine | € 30,00 | 200 ml.

Valpolicella is characterised by a deep red colour with bright reflections and fresh aromas of fruit and cherries. Its laboratory tests have shown most encouraging biological results, it has significant antioxidant, detoxifying and moisturising properties, and it protects the skin from aggressive external agents.

Amarone is known as Valpolicella’s most precious full-bodied velvety wine, with deep ruby red reflections, intense and warm aromatic notes with predominant flavours of spices, well-balanced and very complex. Amarone is rich in Resveratrol and it reinforces the skin with its regenerating and anti-ageing effects.