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Valpolicella and Lessinia: the cradle of Villa Quaranta

Mountain tourism, hill landscapes where the eye meets neatly cultivated farmland. The land in which Villa Quaranta has deep roots.

Hills, mountains, history near at hand

Hills, mountains, history near at hand

Formed by hills and valleys characteristically arranged as hand's fingers, Valpolicella is known especially for its wines, but it is a multifaceted land.

Ancient land of the Arusnati people, its heritage includes settlements dating back to the Venetic period, the Roman period and buildings of the Langobard period.
The Venetian villas scattered across the area, instead, were built in later centuries.

Inhabited since the Stone Age, Valpolicella gradually blends with Lessinia, a territory known for centuries as a quarrying site of the Prun stone, which is the main building material for many local houses and also some buildings in Verona.

And, while local wines have long been appreciated, the land is also rich in spa waters. Moreover, the varied climate and landscape, make Valpolicella and Lessinia an interesting mountain tourism destination both in the winter and in summer.

The elements

The elements

A close relationship exists between Villa Quaranta and the land nearby. The local elements - wine, thermal water, stone - play different roles in the Villa facilities.

The wine of Valpolicella, made with modern technologies that enhance the ancient production tradition, is a fundamental complement in our chefs' menus.

The Thermal water is the key factor of our SPA.

The stone from Lessinia appears as both a structural and decorative element.

Ospedaletto di Pescantina, where Villa Quaranta is located, lies within Vapolicella. From Villa Quaranta, you can reach the main wine-making centres in few minutes and, more in general, it is easy to design nature and culture trips along the tourist paths of this land-to-savour.

Villa Quaranta is an excellent opportunity for a "sense experience" among local products, history, landscapes.