Villa Quaranta Global Winner for the Best of Wine Tourism International Award 2020

Great Wine Capitals: Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA is the Global Winner Best of Wine Tourism International Award.  A great accolade for the Tommasi family’s hospitality.


Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA, the historic residence of the Tommasi family, in the hearth of the Valpolicella Classica, is the Global Winner at the Best of Wine Tourism International Award 2020.

The Best of Wine Tourism International awards, the international competition that rewards excellence in world wine tourism,  were named and given last night in Bordeaux, France, during the gala dinner, which was attended by the regional winners elected in June, the authorities of the Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux and Verona and the Consuls of the involved Countries.


«We are very honored to receive this coveted award, which rewards the foresight of an investment made by our parents in 1992. - Michela Tommasi states - Since then our family has worked to spread in Italy and in the world the knowledge of unique territories as Verona and the Valpolicella Classica and their values, not only through wine production, but also by extending the offer with hospitality, always in our DNA. Today Tommasi represents Italian excellence in more than 70 countries around the world and we are proud to have had this opportunity to bring it to the international spotlight once again»


villa quaranta best wine tourism award

The prize confirms the innovation and excellence in wine tourism of Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA worldwide within the project of the Great Wine Capitals, the network created between ten capital cities of world wine excellence ( from Bilbao to Adelaide, passing through Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Chile and Argentina), in which Verona is Italy’s representative

The competition rewards those establishments that stand out thanks to the quality of their wine tourism-related services within various categories, which range from the cultural, artistic and architectural spheres to that of sustainable practices in the tourist sector, as well as those of accommodation and catering.

«A few months ago we were the winners in Verona in the hospitality category and therefore we entered the global competition with the other 9 winners of the other 9 cities. - continues the director Luca Carrara - A heartfelt thanks goes to the whole Tommasi family for the continuous courage in investing to improve the Villa Quaranta product allowing us to compete with the best global wine tourism realities and win. Needless to say, all the investments in the world would not be necessary without a first class staff and I am proud to say that I manage a good group of passionate professionals for their work.»



«The welcome of a family, the services of a fine hotel, the eclecticism of a complex that has grown and evolved over the years, as well as the teamwork exemplified by all of the staff -  says Barbara Tommasi - have resulted in a high-quality process of development of which we are very proud. Hospitality is a fundamental and strategic part of the overall picture of Tommasi Family Estates. Not only wine, but also all the experiences and emotions that are connected with it, from the shared enjoyment of dining together to the wellness and meeting opportunities: all of these are available in a unique and exclusive venue that will satisfy the demands of any consumer.»

In all of Tommasi’s locations that provide hospitality, from Villa Quaranta to the Mazzanti Hotel in the center of Verona and the nearby Caffè Dante Bistrot, as well as the Poggio al Tufo agriturismo in the Maremma district of Tuscany – and, last but not least, at the historic Winery at Pedemonte, which has now been completely refurbished – one can enjoy unique experiences in absolutely authentic places.

These are also strongly characterized by the identity of a family that has transmitted the values of craftsmanship and quality for four generations.


Villa Quaranta is an integral part of the Tommasi family’s corporate strategy, which seeks to promote the outstanding features of the terroir of Valpolicella Classica. This area derives its great richness and beauty from its wine, its vine-clad hills, and its natural attractions: a series of factors which – with vivacity and enthusiasm – the Tommasi family highlights in every experience in which wine plays a part, and in wine tourism and hospitality in particular.


Tommasi IV Generation