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Spa Water

The reason why the spa water of Valpolicella is healthy


The mineral water spring “Terme della Valpolicella” is part of the spa system that is adjacent to the eastern bank of Lake Garda and stretches between Sirmione and Caldiero. Due to its properties, this water favours skin protection and care, as well as having an anti-inflammatory and emollient effect.

Laboratory analyses suggest that this water can be used for rehabilitation and thereapeutic purposes. In particular, they certify that this is a thermal, mineralized water, pure from bacteria and characterised by sodium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, sulfates and bicarbonates with prevailing minerals. Morevore, they suggest that it can be used for the treatment of arthro-rheumatic and skin deseases, affections of the locomotor apparatus and phlebopathies. For this reason, pampering yourself in the water of Villa Quaranta spa  is healthy.

Not just excellent wines. In Valpolicella, there is thermal spa water, pure from bacteria and rich in minerals.


Terme della Valpolicella di Villa Quaranta Park Hotel è il primo Centro Termale della Valpolicella che utilizza l’Acqua per donare salute e bellezza ai propri Ospiti.

Rinascere dall’Acqua è possibile!